Tomorrow: a Beginning

Tomorrow I start a program at USC to get my certification. For the next few weeks I will probably be ruminating over what I am studying. I hope you will enjoy it.

Claire & Jamie versus Bella & Edward

Image via Wikipedia This post compares and contrasts two of my favorite couples in contemporary literature: Claire and Jamie from the Outlander Series by Diana Gabaldon, and Bella and Edward, from the Twilight Series by Stephenie Meyer.   Both couples have fascinating and frustrating relationships and, in both couples, the partners are utterly suited forRead more

A Walking Tour

I am playing with my new Flip video camera, as I had to purchase it for school this time around in order to capture field observations.  Anyway, I thought I would take a little video of a walk that my greyhound and I take about once a week.  Enjoy…maybe.  🙂

A Good Training Program is like a Good Bread…

When I was newly married (the first time, eh-hem), I wanted to prove that I could cook and bake.   Everyone else could have cared less, but I was bound and determined to prove I was not a dunce in the kitchen, not having much practice when I lived at home.  So, of course, IRead more

Dumbledore’s Mouth Twitched and Lucas’ Eyebrows Furrowed

Image via Wikipedia Last night, we were reading Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire.  We got to the part where the students were arriving for a new year at Hogwarts and had just finished their feast.  Dumbledore stood up and started going through the notices.  He first mentioned that Mr. Filch had put threeRead more

BNET Article on the Advice that Women Give Each Other about Careers

The Terrible Career Advice Women Give Each Other, by Penelope Trunk I found this article interesting in that I was never given this advice, by anyone. 🙂