Using Windows Live Writer to Update

I read on this morning that Microsoft had released Windows Live programs to help users publish directly to the Internet and use the cloud to store and access documents.  Well, what do you know, when I checked my programs list, there they were!  So, I’m just trying Windows Live writer out.  :) 

Shakedown or Holding the Company Accountable?

Yesterday, Tony Hayward testified before a congressional committee about the BP oil disaster. His testimony was also a disaster, but that was probably due to the lawyers coaching him on what he could say. During the opening remarks, Representative Barton decided to apologize to him and BP for the “shakedown” they received at the WhiteRead more

I have a question for CNN

CNN: you have been playing the BP commercial now since it came out.  You have also been criticizing BP for creating the commercial because it cost them $50 million dollars.  I’m curious: did you give the money you received for that commercial to the fishermen or are you keeping it for yourself?  If you areRead more

twould be nice to be an apostrophe

Roger McGough, 1976 twould be nice to be an apostrophe floating above an s hovering like a paper kite in between the its eavesdropping, tiptoeing high above the thats an inky comet spiralling the highest tossed of hats As recited in Lynne Truss’ broadcast Eats, Shoots, and Leaves rezeptfrei zopiclon online kaufen rezeptfrei stilnox onlineRead more

So, who’s going to be the next President?

The way that things are going right now, I do not think that Barack Obama is going to be re-elected. The handling of the BP Oil Leak, the Sestak affair, the lack of transparency, and other missteps have proven that the administration is not managed very well. Perhaps it is time for Emmanuel to findRead more