Modeling, Somersaults, and Jabs

In this week’s installment (:-)), I am sharing with you a post I made this morning on Social Cognitive Theory. Ormrod (2008) suggested that in social cognitive theory, people learn by observing other people (models), but that they had to have the confidence to believe they could produce similar behavior before they would choose toRead more

Shirley Sherrod Is a Hero. Give Her Job Back to Her.

Hi everyone! I was wondering what you all thought of the Shirley Sherrod case that has been all over CNN and Fox News? In this story, Sherrod, a lawyer with the USDA is accused of being a racist and being prejudiced against White farmers. This was based upon a video clip from a speech atRead more

Considering Twilight from a Parent’s Perspective

I was bored (again) today, so I put Twilight on for background noise.  As I was listening to the movie, I thought to myself, “If I was Charlie and saw what happened between Bella and Edward before she left for Phoenix, what would I have done?  If I was Renee, would I allow Bella toRead more

I don’t want to sound naive, but…

Cover via Amazon I wrote this post this morning for a class that I am taking at USC.  I thought I would share it here since I have not posted in a while. I read Savage Inequalities (Kozol, 1991) a number of years ago and remember feeling sick to my stomach each time I pickedRead more