How Aaron Sorkin’s West Wing Inspired a Legion of Lyman Wannabes

See on – 21st Century Education and Teaching Before Obama-mania, The West Wing’s President Josiah Bartlet inspired a generation of political idealists. Juli Weiner talks to the kids who always wanted to be Josh Lyman. Now this isn’t specifically related to teaching, but I wanted to scoop it because a) The West Wing isRead more

Promising New Evidence That Poor Teachers Can Learn To Be Good Ones

See on – Improving Your Teaching Practice The conversation about how to improve American education has taken on an increasingly confrontational tone. The first study cited in this article relies on test scores to evaluate the remediation of bad teachers, which makes it suspect – in my opinion.  Using test scores to determine ifRead more

Educational CyberPlayGround

Lesson Plans for Cross Curricular Studies, Thematic Instruction: Educational CyberPlayGround™ tags: lesson plans instruction thematic I have been taking a professional development course through the SAS (Standards Aligned System) website offered by the Pennsylvania Department of Education.  One of my assignments in this course was to develop a cross-curricular lesson, so I created one thatRead more

The Twitter Political Index

The Twitter Political Index. Are you interested in how the Twitter community feels about the US Presidential election candidates?  Then you should check out the Twindex.  Please vote this November and exercise your right to choose our leadership.

Mapping Language: Limited English Proficiency in America

See on – 21st Century Education and Teaching Although English is America’s common tongue, immigrants’ efforts to learn it present challenges to institutions and individuals alike. These graphics compare regions, schools, and communities where newcomers have settled to learn and integrate. I do not like the term “Limited English Proficiency,” but the map isRead more