‘How Can I Encourage Teachers To Use Me as a Resource?’

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Elena Aguilar, an experienced K-12 educator, is a transformational leadership coach in the Oakland, Calif., school district.

From the article: 

“As a coach, I want to pull teachers back to the place from which many of them entered teaching: a deep desire to support children’s academic, social, and emotional growth and cultivate life long learners. Once they reconnect with that desire, I help teachers think through how their classroom practices align to that vision–for example, are there any practices which aren’t leading towards this end? But I need to get permission to join them on this journey and I’ll only get that if teachers are driving their own learning.”

Yay!  We need you!

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What 100 Experts Think About The Future Of Learning

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If you’re an educator, surely you know that technology has and will continue to have an incredible impact on learning. Whether it’s the Internet, innovative learning tools, or teaching technology itself, these two subjects are intertwined.

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Calif. Poised to Spotlight ELLs Stalled in Schools

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A bill on Gov. Jerry Brown’s desk would make California the first state to break out data on long-term English-learners.

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A framework for independent learning in Montgomery County Public Schools? – Examiner.com

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Examiner.comA framework for independent learning in Montgomery County Public Schools?

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The Flame Challenge: Using Today’s Technology to Answer Alan Alda’s 65-Year-Old Question

One night this week, I was watching M*A*S*H and decided I was going to see what Alan Alda, the star of the show, was up to after all these years.  I love the show – always have and always will.  In my opinion, only The West Wing did more to capture my heart and Alan Alda was on that show, too!  As I was looking through the Google search results, I came across something very interesting: The Flame Challenge.  Naturally, I was curious.

NPR’s Ira Flatow interviewed Alan Alda about The Flame Challenge in March, 2012.  Here’s the executive summary they posted:

At age 11, actor Alan Alda asked his teacher what a flame was. He received a confusing answer: “oxidation.” In the spirit of better communicating science, he’s created the “Flame Challenge,” a contest in which scientists do their best to define a flame. Eleven-year-olds from around the world will judge the entries.

The winner was announced in June and below is the winning submission from Ben Ames, a quantum physicist and doctoral student.  Congratulations, Ben!

What is a Flame from Ben Ames on Vimeo.

This post is not a re-hash of the other posts.  Rather, it is a celebration of educational progress and innovation.  What Mr. Ames did was take the technological resources at his disposal, his creative nature, and his desire to answer a question clearly in terms that children can understand and put them altogether to create an answer to a question that has haunted Alda since he was 11.

What I love most about this is that Ames focused his answer on the way in which he answered it.  He used an approach that resonates with 11-year-olds – video, song, animation, and HUMOR.

Please take 7:30 and watch the video embedded in this post with a kid you know.  I think they’ll love it!

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I’ll Be Sittin’ by Keith “Blu” Warfield from the Louder Than A Bomb 2010 Series

This poem was originally published on alt.NPR: Youthcast from PRX and I heard its broadcast last night while I was driving my son to Horsham, PA.  I thought the poem was terrific and I hope you do, too!

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