#BSNMooc Post #2: Learning for Problem Solving, The Great Gatsby, and the Lost Generation

This week, I am tackling this activity for the Mooc sponsored by the Blended Schools Network: The “When Will We Ever Use This?” Blog Post Students often ask us, “When will I ever use this in the real world?” Consider a handful of standards taught in your class. How are these concepts used in theRead more

BSNMOOC Post #1 – Ideal Blended Learning Environment in the Year 2013

Our assignment this week is to create a post that reflects upon one of four projects.  I decided to write the “Pie in the Sky” post, describing an ideal blended learning environment in the year 2013.  The questions we are to answer are: What sort of content is delivered online? What is delivered face-to-face? WhichRead more

A Supplement to the “Finding Resources” Event

Links You Might Need During the Event http://tinyurl.com/survey0414 – This is a link to the survey I would like to administer and speak to at the beginning of the event. https://www.diigo.com/list/mrsedick/finding-resources – This link opens a diigo list of interesting resources I found while preparing this presentation. The Presentation If you are using a Droid,Read more

Project Management for Teachers Part III

It turns out there is a very good resource for project management with an education twist.  Hop on over to the PMI’s Educational Foundation and check out the resources they have there.  I especially liked the project management cycles slides and the workshop slides they included.  I hope you will, too! In the meantime, I leaveRead more