The Content of Their Character

Monday, we have off for Martin Luther King Jr.’s birthday. I thought I would write a post about him and the speech we should all know so well: “I have a dream.”

Learning versus Academic Success

In the post on standards-based grading, I asked a couple of questions at the end of the post. ┬áBasically, I was asking about the difference between learning and academic success. If you are new to education, you may have heard the term, “doing school” or “gaming the system.” If you are not new to education,Read more

Do the Traditional Grade Levels Still Work for Today’s Students?

In my last post, I asked a few questions related to standards-based and competency-based education. The second question was “Do the traditional grade levels still apply in our century?” Rather than answer the question outright, I thought I would just pose some more questions. When we group children by age, are we doing a disserviceRead more