Happy National Chocolate Chip Cookie Day!

Here’s an article by an author who likes to celebrate days like this.


Tweets Related to the Common Core State Standards

Tweets Related to the Common Core State Standards

Caution: Some of the tweets are rather radical.  It’s still good to know what people are saying, though, so I will let the twitter widget remain.

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The Happy Life

This poem was part of a deep conversation I was privy to the other night.  I thought I would share it with you!  I sourced the poem from here.

Hans Holbein d. J. - Portrait of Henry Howard,...
Hans Holbein d. J. – Portrait of Henry Howard, the Earl of Surrey – WGA11578 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

MY friend, the things that do attain
The happy life be these, I find:
The riches left, not got with pain;
The fruitful ground; the quiet mind;

The equal friend; no grudge; no strife;
No charge of rule, nor governance;
Without disease, the healthy life;
The household of continuance;

The mean diet, no dainty fare;
Wisdom joined with simpleness;
The night discharged of all care,
Where wine the wit may not oppress:

The faithful wife, without debate;
Such sleeps as may beguile the night;
Content thyself with thine estate,
Neither wish death, nor fear his might.
Henry Howard, Earl of Surrey (1516 – 1547)

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I created this video using VideoScribe after thinking about the Common Core State Standards and teaching writing.