Tagul – A New Site for Creating Word Clouds

Tagul is a site for creating word clouds that is, so far, more versatile and useful than Wordle, a site I have loved for years! Check it out. Created with Tagul.com Related articles Tagul – Like Wordle With Hyperlinks If you like Wordle, you’ll think Tagul is cool Five Ways to Create Word Clouds

How Standards Can Help Teachers Communicate with Parents and Guardians

There are numerous stakeholders in a child's education: students, teachers, parents, administration, and the community-at-large.

Update: I intended, but didn’t, include guardians in the list of those who are stakeholders in a child’s education.  I apologize to the many wonderful people who care for children and hold titles other than parent, such as “Grandparent,” “Aunt,” “Uncle,” “Sister,” “Brother,” or “Foster Parent.”  Please know that I recognize the incredible contribution youRead more