Writing across the Curriculum

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Freshman year of high school was terrifying.  People seem incredulous when I tell them that, of all the years of schooling I have had, that year was the hardest.  After all, it was high school.  What could be so tough about that? As my Grandmom used to say with a huge sigh, “Well…!” The firstRead more

8 Recommended Tools for Professional Development

In the post “Spending Professional Development Time and Money Wisely,” teachers and professional development (PD) providers were urged to personalize learning and make it relevant to the teacher’s current learning environment.  One suggestion was to use Action Research to help teachers identify research questions within their own context, investigate the questions, analyze the data, andRead more

Thank you, Professor Foster

I really like this quote from Thomas C. Foster’s How to Read Literature Like a Professor. It is a tribute to English teachers everywhere.

Sonnet Writing – A Live Blog


Follow this post as I learn how to write a sonnet. I cannot promise it will be a good sonnet, but nonetheless, it will be one.