How can we improve education? @joannelipman says we need to go old-school

See on – Improving Your Teaching Practice Joanne Lipman writes that today’s educators are too soft. It is time to go back to the discipline of the past. Heather MacCorkle Edick‘s insight: Well, what do you think?  I do remember that my favorite teachers were also the ones that challenged us the most andRead more

Flip PDF: Try It Today!

I’m trying out Flip PDF and I really like it. [flipbook id=”1″] All you have to do is create a regular PDF file, import it into the application, apply a template (if you want), then publish it. ¬†Publishing options include a plugin for WordPress, Joomla and Drupal, which is what I used for the bookRead more

4 Powerful Sites That Will Improve Your Teaching – Edudemic

See on – Improving Your Teaching Practice Struggling to improve your teaching skills? These websites are absolutely fabulous and useful for modern teachers of any skill level. See on

The Moon Is Down, Day Three

Discussion As students enter the classroom on Day Three, they would find a discussion prompt on the whiteboard: What were you thinking yesterday while we read?  Be honest and share it with your neighbor. After five minutes, I would open the floor so students could share their discussion.  In my classroom, I would like toRead more

Visible Thinking

See on – Improving Your Teaching Practice Heather MacCorkle Edick‘s insight: We just learned about this site in a MOOC that I am taking on the Foundations of Teaching.  It’s very interesting and I hope others will find it interesting as well.  See on