5 Reasons and 5 Ways to Use a Classroom Blog during Formative Assessment

Formative Assessment: What is it? If you already know all about formative assessment, I recommend skipping to the next part of this blog post. According to the CCSSO (The Council of Chief State School Officers), Formative assessment is a process used by teachers and students during instruction that provides feedback to adjust ongoing teaching and learningRead more

Here Are The First Five Reasons Why I Love Sensei Steve’s Class

Thanks, Jason Novack, for the image.

Before you start reading about the topic of this post, I want to mention that all the classes at  are taught by well-trained, committed teachers who care about their students.  I wanted to focus on one class in particular, but that is no reflection on the other classes whatsoever. Sensei Steve Turoscy, Jr. is a fighter.  I don’tRead more

The Hardest Test

From White Belt to Yellow Belt

Last night I took the yellow belt test, and it was the hardest test I have ever taken.  I finally have experienced a test that was harder to deal with than the Praxis test I took when I was a student teacher.  That day, as I pulled into the parking lot at Dieruff High School,Read more

Tagul – A New Site for Creating Word Clouds

Tagul is a site for creating word clouds that is, so far, more versatile and useful than Wordle, a site I have loved for years! Check it out. Created with Tagul.com Related articles Tagul – Like Wordle With Hyperlinks If you like Wordle, you’ll think Tagul is cool Five Ways to Create Word Clouds

What about Walt?

Meet Walt.  Walt is going into his sophomore year of high school.  He is facing all the things a typical teen faces: teenage ennui, peer-pressure, awkwardness, hormonal imbalance, and pressure at school to succeed.  One thing that he is not dealing with is the decision about what to do when he grows up.  He madeRead more

#BSNMooc Post #5: The Great Gatsby in the Flipped Classroom

This blog post is an example of a lesson assignment I would give if I flipped my classroom while we studied The Great Gatsby. After studying the lost generation and other cultural issues related to the novel, we would need to start reading.  I believe reading aloud in class is a good strategy and wouldRead more

#BSNMooc Post #4 – Digital Citizenship, A Literary Time Machine, and The Great Gatsby (Of Course)

They say that Abraham Lincoln had quite a temper.  He would dash off letters in his anger and, by the time he had finished, his anger spent, he would think twice about dispatching it and place it on the mantle instead.  He would wait until the morning, reevaluate his position and, if it was stillRead more