Waxing Philosophical: The Purpose of Education

There are so many articles, blog posts, and books about the purpose of education that it might seem odd to see yet another one. However, this might be a good exercise for any teacher to try, if only to determine his or her own views on the subject. Reading about it, or listening to someone […]

Here Are The First Five Reasons Why I Love Sensei Steve’s Class

Before you start reading about the topic of this post, I want to mention that all the classes at  are taught by well-trained, committed teachers who care about their students.  I wanted to focus on one class in particular, but that is no reflection on the other classes whatsoever. Sensei Steve Turoscy, Jr. is a fighter.  I don’t […]

We Owe Our Children Everything

Children do not ask to be born. We make a choice. From then on, till death do us part, we are forever in their debt. Someday, they will be in debt to their own children. If we have done our job right, their children will feel as loved, cared for, respected, challenged, and important as we tried to help our children feel. If we have taught them well, and they have learned well, we can all truly be the positive change we want to see in the world, working with one precious child at a time.*

Writing across the Curriculum

Freshman year of high school was terrifying.  People seem incredulous when I tell them that, of all the years of schooling I have had, that year was the hardest.  After all, it was high school.  What could be so tough about that? As my Grandmom used to say with a huge sigh, “Well…!” The first […]

What is the value of an internal training team?

Invest in the training team by sending them outside the organization to learn the customer’s perspective. Require that they reflect on those experiences and incorporate them into their training programs. Require that managers and SMEs work with the training team to develop plans for new employees. Encourage all peer trainers to consult with the team prior to taking on new training tasks. Stop calling them the “internal training team” and find a title that truly reflects what they do.