The Curriculum as a Project Charter: Project Management for Teachers Part II

We can think of a teacher’s project as the fulfillment of a curriculum or a curricular component.  For instance, a project can be entitled “Seventh Grade English Language Arts.”  The lesson plan is a deliverable of that project and so it is tied to the curriculum and should contain elements of a project charter. My […]

Reaching and Teaching Digital Natives

It’s Sunday morning as I write this.  My son is at his computer doing homework for computer class.  He is creating a 3D model of a bus depot and its environs using SketchUp.  Although the assignment is not really due until Friday, he has worked on it consistently since he got the assignment this Friday.  […]

Well, I Guess I Can’t Get Out of It Now…

Just kidding, Elizabeth.  🙂 On April 14, 2013, I will be at Neshaminy Mall’s Barnes and Noble store to present to teachers.  The topic is “Finding Technology Resources.”  Until the presentation, I will be using this blog to gather my thoughts.  Your comments and suggestions are welcome!

Reforming Teacher Preparation Programs

I have written another post for about reforming teacher preparation programs.  It’s already been tweeted 10 times.  That might not seem like a lot to you, but I’m excited! If you have a chance, please read the article and respond.  Thanks! Related articles The Complex Needs & Characteristics Of A Great Teacher Teacher Cabinets: […]