Live Blog: My First Week Teaching Virtually in K-12

Since I need to get back to writing regularly, I have to start somewhere. Perhaps keeping a live blog of my reflections on virtual teaching in K-12 during the COVID-19 pandemic will help foster that habit.

Today, we teachers are getting ready for the students to return to school. Personally, I am overwhelmed. Scenarios keep running through my head like those nightmares you have during which you make a complete fool of yourself and cannot stop it. What if I am off-base with an assignment? What if the assignment is too hard? What if the technology fails?

In my previous career, redundancy was so important. It’s instinctive now. So, I put lesson plans in one place and the same content in the LMS. Guess what happened? The lesson planner “ate” my lesson plans! Well, that was unexpected.

Earlier today I was on a conference call using a currently-very-popular app. Guess what? It messed up my computer. I’ve uninstalled it. I’ll join through the browser now, thank you, the browser I rarely use. For heavens sake.

Today’s been very stressful. I hope that my lesson plan problem can be fixed. I had everything set up and ready. Please, higher power, do not let this be a disaster. I know that the first time I do anything, it usually is, but I can’t deal with it right now.

  • Day 4

    Today is the last day before our short spring break. I have to admit that keeping a live blog did make me write each day, but it’s also annoying!  I might not do this format next week.
    Today, the kids are in their own with my support in the background. I will be around, but we aren’t conferencing. Loom and Prezi Video have turned out to be very good teaching tools, so I might be using them today to record some quick videos to post in the weekly folders I’ve set up.

    Google Docs and Forms also deserve some love. Each day that we don’t meet, I’ve sent progress updates to the classes encouraging them to continue working. So far, I’ve only sent two of course, but it is working well.

    If you are reading these thoughts, thank you.

  • Day Three

    The second day with the students started out with a conference call that crashed my computer.  Sigh.  I kept my cool and got back onto the call, but the issues with conferencing ended up eating 15 of my 30 minutes with my first period.  I need to have patience with myself, the technology, and the entire situation.

    The good news is that one of my students gave me positive feedback on the way I am structuring the course she is in.  That made my day.  Another student and her mom have made an agreement on an assignment – a persuasive essay.  Since that student finished her project for the course while we were closed, now this student has an independent project to work on.  Thank you, Mom!

  • Day Two

    Day two is almost over and things went well, mostly. The conferencing tool that I wanted to use because I was nervous about the main conferencing tool going down did not work for the students. We did have the main conferencing system to fall back on, however, so we were able to meet and review the course structure for this marking period.

    Now, I am tired. I have been awake since 3:00 AM because I could not sleep. My mind kept … thinking.

    Now that day two is complete, and we have fixed some structural kinks, it’s time to turn back to curriculum development. That’s not happening, however. I’m too tired to even think!

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