27 Minutes: One Teacher’s Vision for a Standards-Based Classroom

In this presentation, you will learn more about my vision for a standards-based classroom: what it would look like, how it would be run, and how students’ progress would be recorded and reported. [grassblade] This is the final presentation in a series of three.  As an aside, I will never use Adobe Presenter for presentationsRead more

Learn More about Standards in 11 Minutes, 15 Seconds

During this module, we will investigate standards in more detail.  Specifically, we will review: How standards are organized (subject area, strand / standard area, standard) The difference between learning objectives and standards The process used to unpack standards and create learning targets that students, parents, and the community can understand Just a little bit aboutRead more

A 20 Minute Introduction to Standards-Based Education

Standards-based education is a complicated departure from traditional education strategies. For many educators, it creates cognitive dissonance, a discomfort one feels when trying to adopt a new view that is dramatically different from the one they have held. By adopting this method of instruction and grading, educators are putting traditional instructional and grading practices aside in favor of teaching to standards and grading progress toward mastery. This can be quite distressing. Additionally, everything needs to change related to teaching and learning in the classroom: curriculum, classroom procedures, and assessment – just to name a few.

Four Ways to Discover Why Students Can’t Do Fifth Grade Math

Did I get your attention with that headline? I hope so, but at the same time, I am dismayed. For a long time, I have tried to stay away from the “[Enter a number here]” headline that pervades educational blogs. Still, it is nice to have folks read the blog, so if the headline caughtRead more

The Curriculum Map and the Trip to the Wedding

Uh oh... we are in trouble.

I have been busy creating short videos for work and play.  I wonder what you will think of this one?  Take a look and let me know. I really like the following sites for information on curriculum mapping. http://www.curriculummapping101.com/resources/creating-quality-maps-design-mind-reminder-guides http://www.teachthought.com/teaching/3-ways-to-not-screw-up-the-curriculum-mapping-process/ http://pdesas.org – I have to throw that in there since it is the Pennsylvania DOE’sRead more