Housekeeping: Wrapping up The Moon Is Down

I finished the book! First, it’s good that we did not read the introduction first, or I think that is the lens that we would be looking through as we read the story. We would know that people did not consider the work to be a stellar piece of writing, or even one of Steinbeck’s […]

The Moon Is Down, Day Three

Discussion As students enter the classroom on Day Three, they would find a discussion prompt on the whiteboard: What were you thinking yesterday while we read?  Be honest and share it with your neighbor. After five minutes, I would open the floor so students could share their discussion.  In my classroom, I would like to […]

Teaching the Novel – Post # 1

Teachers: Have you ever tried to teach a novel without reading it first? Well, I’m going to try to, but since I’m not teaching at the moment, I will have to pretend. Visualization exercises are always good for lesson planning, right? The Novel The novel I have chosen is The Moon is Down by John […]