The purpose of this site is to model what blended English classes look like in my imagination.  The coursework is all stored within the online course, and often referenced and retrieved during class.  Students also have access to the coursework outside of class, so those who are not present one or more days will not miss anything.  

Additionally, you will find aspects of flipped learning in the model course.  We want to get to business while we are in class together, not spend too much time listening to me lecture.  Therefore, the lecture "bits" are included within the online course for students to view at home, before class, during study hall, etc.  Again, students who are absent will not miss anything.

Finally, this course uses a little bit of gamification to make life a bit fun.  I'm no expert at it yet, so I'm just using a "Level up!" block.

I hope you enjoy cruising around the site.  

Yours truly,

Heather MacCorkle Edick

aka Mrs. E

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